Delivery by air and by car
Safe and optimal routes with minimal cost
We are carriers, not intermediaries
Antik Kargo

Delivery of goods from turkey with minimal participation on your part

Are you looking for a company that will organize the delivery of goods from Turkey to Russia with minimal intervention on your part?

You've come to the right place! We will take care of all your concerns about dispatch, delivery, customs clearance and safety of your cargo.

Extensive experience and our own infrastructure allow us to build delivery routes with the best price on the market, as well as guarantee the safety of goods and compliance with delivery deadlines.

since 2000
27 000 satisfied

Howdo we

starting from 2 days
Air transportation
  • Fastest delivery method
  • Minimal risks of cargo damage
starting from 8 days
Air + Road transportation
  • Optimal price/term ratio
  • Designed specifically for distant areas
starting from 12 days
  • The lowest pricing
  • It is suitable for regular delivery of large volumes of deliveries

Whatdo we

According to statistics of 2023-2024 our turnover
and fabrics
Strict adherence to delivery times

in accordance with the contract

Full package of acommpanying documentation

Own delivery service

Will deliver the goods to your door

Cargo location tracking

by using Telegram bot

Legal cargo clearance

Customs, certification, customs declaration

We insure all shipped cargo

We take the financial responsibility

Standard delivery algorithm from Turkey

Preparing for shipment

Filling out the packing list, providing declarations of conformity. A pplying labeling codes to goods

Professional packaging to ensure maximum safety of cargo.

Sending to customs
Customs clearance

Official import of goods into Russia

Delivering to a regional warehouse in Istanbul, Veli Efendi
Delivery of the cargo

Pickup from the warehouse or get delivered by courier to your door. After recieving goods, check quantity and quality.

Sign the documents

We are carriers,
not intermediaries

We have our own equipment, offices and warehouses in Russia and Turkey

Any kind of packaging to ensure the safety of the cargo

24/7 customer support in Russian

Individual approach for pricing


Delivery of marked goods with customs clearance is carried out by road transport only to Moscow.

From 100$ per place

Recently completed deliveries

1180 kg of clothes and shoes to Crimea
Istanbul → Simferepol
<span class="icon3">Auto</span>
Delivery time:
14 days
Included Service: custom clearance
Delivery cost - $ 4 900
930 kg textiles to Yekaterinburg
Istanbul → Yekaterinburg
<span class="icon1">Airline</span>
Delivery time:
11 days
Included Service: custom clearance, full insurance
Delivery cost - $ 6 500
105kg of clothes to Ulyanvosk
Istanbul → Ulyanvosk
<span class="icon1">Airline</span>
Delivery time:
9 days
Included Service: Purchase of the products from the Turkish marketplaces
Delivery cost - 835$
2.4 tons of fabrics to Chelyabinsk
Istanbul → Chelyabinsk
<span class="icon3">Auto</span>
Delivery time:
25 days
Included Service: customs clearance, delivery in the city
Delivery cost - 8400$
790kg of outwear to Krasnoyarsk
Istanbul → Krasnoyarsk
<span class="icon1">Airline</span><i></i><span class="icon3">Auto</span>
Delivery time:
13 days
Included Service: customs clearance, delivery in the city
Delivery cost - 5400$
70 kg of bath towels to Irkutsk
Istanbul → Irkutsk
<span class="icon3">Auto</span>
Delivery time:
18 days
Included Service: customs clearance, delivery outside the city
Delivery cost - 325$
183kg of jeans to Novosibirsk
Istanbul → Novosibirsk
<span class="icon1">Airline</span><i></i><span class="icon3">Auto</span>
Delivery time:
11 days
Included Service: labeling, customs clearance
Delivery cost - 1380$
62 kg of dresses to Irkutsk
Istanbul → Irkutsk
<span class="icon1">Airline</span>
Delivery time:
3 days
Included Service: express delivery, lift to the floor
Delivery cost - 800
45 kg of auto parts in Irkutsk
<span class="icon1">Airline</span>
Delivery time:
9 days
Included Service: customs clearance, delivery in the city
Delivery cost - 451$

Reviews from our clients

Отличная ТК, все во время приходит, прекрасное обслуживание!

Отзыв из:

Одно из самых передовых транспортных компании в Иркутске

Скорость и вежливое обслуживание на высоте

Отзыв из:

Благодарю, все чётко, аккуратно и культурно.

Ребята, спасибо за отличную работу, с вами приятно иметь дело.

Отзыв из:

Пользуюсь этой компанией ,всё хорошо груз получаем во время ,отдельно хочу отметить руководителя компании Светлана , профессионал своего дела, возникшие вопросы решает чётко и быстро , просто волшебница 🧙 спасибо Вам большое

Отзыв из:

Questions and answers

What payment methods do you have?

Payment in cash, non-cash payments for legal parties and cryptocurrency are available.

What are the terms of cargo insurance?

There are two types of insurance: partial and full.

With partial insurance, $20 (AUTO) and $30 (AIR) are paid for each kilogram of lost or damaged cargo.

With full insurance, the declared value of the goods is paid, but not more than $10,000 per item.

Partial insurance is used by default and is included in the handling fee of $10 per item. The cost of full insurance is 3% of the declared value of the goods.

The full list of insurance conditions is set out in a special agreement, which is studied and signed before the start of cooperation.

How much does it usually cost to ship goods?

The final delivery cost consists of two parts.

Fixed: tariff and place processing ($10).

And floating: depends on additional packaging of cargo, delivery in the city or outside the city, terminal fees, etc. Floating payments are individual for each shipment, and may not occur at all.

Do you deliver groupage cargo?

We deliver prefabricated cargo and cargo that doesn’t fit into the specified parameters of accepted places. There is a special price for the delivery.

Parcels up to 5kg can be delivered by courier, which runs daily on the Istanbul – Moscow – Istanbul route.

What documents do you provide after delivery?

We provide a complete list of necessary accounting documents: a supply agreement and a universal transfer document (invoice and delivery note) for the goods.


Send a request, we will call you back within 30 minutes and answer all your questions in detail.


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